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Ecology is a science that respects where you live, your home. This concept has been developed and applied in many different ways. At the present time ecology is playing an increasingly important role in politics and the economy in Europe as more and more people look for ways to create production methods that respect our “home”. However, in many cases initiatives are still badly-coordinated, isolated and very often inconsistent. Excess can be seen everywhere, but perhaps the most obvious characteristic of these initiatives are the huge gaps in their application.

The gaps are synonymous with pollution: the emission of harmful gases, pollution of the sea, soil pollution, sound pollution, and so on. These are the principle factors we associate with pollution, but in fact there are other types of pollution that surround our “home”: the demolition of buildings, construction work, the widening of roads, waste disposal, everyday stress, personal stress, etc…

It is in this context that the Ecocity presents itself, with its clear and consistent objective of recycling instead of demolishing, of developing a home, a centre where the concept of ecology is reflected in everything it does, right up to the final wellbeing of the person involved - a centre where ecology is not in conflict with economics, but which tries to develop a serious relationship that is advantageous for everyone.


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